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1. To move the body and feet to the rhythm of music. Some people call dancing: vertical-foreplay ; or: sublimated sex ; Oscar Wilde called it : ' a vertical expression of a horizontal urge .'

2. A euphemism for copulation . See copulation for synonyms.

3. To strut, to stroll in a carefree manner.

See Also: air dance, Bacchanalia, ball dancing, ballum rancum, behind the behind, bell dancing, belly rub, blanket hornpipe, boogie, booth dance, box step, brutal breasting, bump and grind, bumps and grinds, bun-boogie, cake boy, cancan, carry on like a mad Watoo, cha-cha palace, choreophilia, chorophobia, cooch, coochee-coochee, couch dance, dance, dance in the sheets, dance the miller's reel, dance the reels o' Bogie, dance the reels of Stumpie, dance the sheets, dancing in the sheets, danse du ventre, do fancy footwork on the daffodils, Dorothy's friend, down, ecdysia, floor show, floor work, Friend of Dorothy, gigolo, hootchy-kootchy, horizontal, jig, jiggle, massage the maple, matrimonial polka, nautch, oscar, pansy ball, punani, punni, pussy show, scank, sexy number, shake, shake the beads, shake the sheets, skank, skin game, spread some good leather, striptease, suck face, table dancing, touch dick, tribadance, turn on the sizzlers, twirl, twirl the pearls, up close and personal, vertical foreplay, wallflower

Quotes Containing dance:
Benedict (Charles Dance) in Last Action Hero (1993): ''If God was a villain, He''d be me!''
Harvey (Jack Weston) and Stephanie (Ingrid Bergman) in Cactus Flower (1969): - Harvey Greenfield: 'Shall we dance?' - Stephanie Dickinson: 'I'd rather walk on hot coals.'
Oscar Wilde (Nicholas Grace) in Salome's Last Dance (1988): 'As you know , I resist anything but temptation .'
''Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear . Doesn''t make me Madonna. Never will.'' Cyn(thia) (Joan Cusack) to her ambitious friend Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) who is taking, in her opinion, a dangerous short-cut to success in Working Girl (1988)

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